I started using The Fifth Paw a while back and I have to say it’s quite the nifty tool when on a long walk with limited trash bins. While walking several dogs my hands are BUSY detangling leashes and keeping everybody moving forward, so this little guy helps. It attaches to the leash, holds multiple bags,and because of its spinning design – it never gets tangled.
— Amy: Game Time Dog Services
 Photo Credit: Heather Buzby
Buy a dog @thefifthpaw and she’ll poop on EVERY walk
— Heather B. @blacklabkayla
The Fifth Paw really is a game-changer and our walks are so much nicer... carrying poop bags is definitely no longer cool.”
— M.K. Clinton
The Fifth Paw Testimonial_Blood Drive
Tried out my new Fifth Paw on a rainy Sunday and it worked great!
— Elizabeth H. PA
UK_Fifth Paw Testimonial
After using it (The Fifth Paw) for just over a month I can honestly say I’m well impressed with it.
— Ian T. United KIngdom
Thank you! I am loving it, I didnt realize it could hold multiple bags at once, I love this!
— Bethany D: Notta Bear Newfoundlands
I was browsing online and came across something called “The Fifth Paw.” After owning this product and using it every day for over a year now, I can say that it is something I will never again be without. I have found that this product helps me keep more of my attention on training—sometimes, I even forget the bag is there!
— Emma B. Teachers Pet Training Academy
The Fifth Paw Dog Poop Holder_Dave
I volunteer at a rescue shelter walking the pups and some of them need a little more “hand holding” than others. The Fifth Paw has been great! I can keep both hands on the leash or leashes and have more ability to control my furkids! I just sent one to my in-laws who need to handle 2 Great Danes! It’s also great for holding my keys when we run out for a quick walk and I don’t have any pockets. I think it’s fantastic
— David C (FL)
Truman The Great Dane
We are Michael and Jill Spurgeon and this is our 11 year old Great Dane, Truman. The Fifth Paw has been a huge help on our walks! We love to take walks everyday but our walks these days are short. Truman has arthritis and struggles sometimes towards the end of our walks. It is great to have free hands to be able to assist him when he needs it and not have to juggle a baggie. There is no mess, it is sturdy and is so simple to use! I absolutely love it! Thank you for this piece of equipment that makes our walks much more enjoyable and hassle free!
— Jill, MIchael & Truman
We love ours (The Fifth Paw) and appreciate the simple design. No doodie is too big for The Fifth Paw. Handy holder for when you need to pack it out.
— Amy T & Roadie
I wanted to let you know that the 5th paw has been a great asset to our hikes and walks. When we are hiking, I can pick up after my dog and I don’t have to hold it anymore. The 5th paw keeps it secure until I find a trash bin. In addition to dog poop, I use the paw to pick up trash on the trail. This keeps are trails clean and litter free. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.
— Daniel Scott
Need an extra hand to carry poop? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to attach ‘The Fifth Paw’ to your leash! We found it very easy to attach to the leash...It has 2 slots depending on the thickness of your leash, we use the thin one. It has holders for several bags.... or you can use it hold a treat bag.
— Kristen & Roxie