Together, Let's Pledge #NoDoodyLeftBehind!

We at The Fifth Paw have always been big believers in doing the right thing when it comes to picking up after our dogs on walks. Being a respectful neighbor has it's own rewards. Going barefoot on a summers day without the fear of stepping on a big squishy one, is certainly up there on the list.

That’s why we created The Fifth Paw hands-free dog poop holder. We believe most dog owners really want to do the right thing; it’s just that until now it was always a drag. We wanted to make it easier and more enjoyable for dog parents to do the right thing. The Fifth Paw lets you be Hands Free, Doody Free! on walks. No more juggling full bags of poop in your hands all the way home. Never again launder smelly pockets and pouches.  The Fifth Paw frees up your hands to be more in control of the leash at all times. Anyone who has ever had a rouge bunny cross your path can appreciate the wisdom of having a secure grip on the leash ;-)

Dog Poop Holder testimonial
After using it (The Fifth Paw) for just over a month I can honestly say I’m well impressed with it.
— Ian T. United KIngdom

Being a good neighbor not only means we get smiles and hellos instead of glares out the window when we go for walks, it means we can relax and enjoy our walks, more secure in the knowledge that we are welcome wherever we choose to roam.
Won't you join us in our campaign to help keep our streets, yards, playgrounds and parks free from orphaned dog doody worldwide! Take the pledge to #doyourcivicdoody and pick up that poop. Together we can ensure that there is #nodoodyleftbehind! Pick up The Fifth Paw today, and fall in love with walking your dog all over again!