Barks & Raves About The Fifth Paw Hands-Free Dog Poop Holder From Kristen & Roxie!

“Need an extra hand to carry poop? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to attach ‘The Fifth Paw’ to your leash! We found it very easy to attach to the leash...It has 2 slots depending on the thickness of your leash, we use the thin one. It has holders for several bags.... or you can use it hold a treat bag. – Kristen & Roxie

Are Nosey Neighbors Watching You And Your Dog?

If your of a certain age, shall I say you grew up watching seventies sitcoms, you may remember Mrs. Kravitz the oh-so-inquisitive (yes that’s a nice way of putting it) neighbor who could not keep her nose out of Samantha Stevens business on “Bewitched”.

Well it should come as no shock that Mrs. Kravitz is alive and well...

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Everything You Need To Know About Greyhounds

Greyhounds make amazing companion animals. When walking sight hounds, it is essential to keep a firm grip and control on the leash lest any rogue bunnies and squirrels cross your path. Holding and fumbling with full bags of poop prevents keeping control of the leash. The Fifth Paw Hands Free Dog Poop Holder gives you the freedom from having to juggle full bags of poop and a safer walk. See what dog parents just like you are saying about The Fifth Paw!

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Thanks to Tom over at Greyhounds As Pets for this Infographic.