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The United States and Canada can boast of some of the most beautiful sights and landscapes, making both countries wonderful places to visit, sightsee, and vacation. Both countries also offer varying and wonderful places to settle down and call home.  From Washington and Oregon in the west all the way to the Carolinas, and up the coast into Vermont, there is sure to be some place for everyone.  However, before you decide to relocate...

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Leash in Hand? 3 Important Safety Tips For Walking Your Dog This Summer!

Now that summer is upon us, these warmer months pose a number of different threats to our precious pooch. While we all know not to leave an animal alone in a car, no matter what the temperature is outside, there are many other perils that pets face in the summertime.

Speaking of temperature, while we may be mindful of the mercury rising under the heat of the summer sun, sometimes we forget about the surfaces we’re walking on. Think of a time that you may have been at the beach and were forced to run quickly across the blazing hot sand. The same could be true for your pet when they’re out for a walk.


1. Scorching Surfaces

According to a recent study, when the thermometer reaches 95℉ outside, the surfaces we walk upon will quickly climb well beyond this temperature. For example:

●    Concrete sidewalks reach 125℉
●    Red bricks rise to a painful 135℉
●    Black asphalt reaches a blistering 140℉

And it’s not just the ground that should be feared, if you’re taking your canine for a ride in your car to visit the local dog park, be wary of the seats inside your vehicle. One researcher revealed the temperature of a light gray leather seat at over 150℉ on a summer’s day. Any of these temperatures are capable of inflicting an injury or serious burn on a dog’s sensitive paws.


2. Puddle Perils

When summer arrives, some car owners will change the coolant in their cars themselves. Whether it was from a small leak or irresponsible disposal, often these liquids can drain into puddles in driveways, gutters, around curbs or near drainage ditches. One of the ingredients in the majority of anti-freezes on the market, ethylene glycol, is dangerous and even deadly for animals.

Just a few drops of this sweet tasting substance, even when diluted, can be enough to have deadly consequences. If they ingest this highly toxic liquid, it can lead to irreversible kidney damage, seizures, coma and even death. Be wary of water laying around during your walk and don’t let your animal drink from puddles, gutters or ditches.

 Would you like to enjoy walking your dogs a whole lot more! The Fifth Paw is the premiere hands-free dog-poop carrier that gives you the freedom to fall in love with walking your dog all over again!

Would you like to enjoy walking your dogs a whole lot more! The Fifth Paw is the premiere hands-free dog-poop carrier that gives you the freedom to fall in love with walking your dog all over again!

3. Nature’s Disasters

If you’re going out hiking with your four-legged friend, be aware of spiders and snakes that can deliver a painful, or in some cases, a deadly bite. While some people believe that rattlesnakes are more active at certain times of the day, the truth is they’re a danger at almost any time. Be on the lookout for possible threats when you’re out on the trail with your pet.

Also when hiking and walking outdoors, when you’re applying sunscreen, you might consider your pet’s sensitive skin. Those with shorter, lighter colored hair and skin are especially susceptible to a painful sunburn. You can usually find animal-friendly sunscreen at major pet stores, but if you’re having trouble locating one, check out the ingredients on those designed for use on children. Be careful to avoid those containing zinc as this ingredient is toxic for animals.

With a little extra care, love and attention, we can all safely enjoy the summer months with our pets. Have fun beating the heat with your four-legged best friend this year.

Wishing you safe walks.
Amber Kingsley

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