Are Nosey Neighbors Watching You And Your Dog?

If your of a certain age, shall I say you grew up watching seventies sitcoms, you may remember Mrs. Kravitz the oh-so-inquisitive (yes that’s a nice way of putting it) neighbor who could not keep her nose out of Samantha Stevens business on “Bewitched”.

Well it should come as no shock that Mrs. Kravitz is alive and well and living in your very own neighborhood. I had always suspected as much. It was during this years Forth of July family get-together with my in-laws that I had the opportunity to catch this in action first hand. Now mind you and let me emphasize (I LOVE my Mother-in-Law) I do. But I caught her in the act! We were outside in the rear of the house, sitting and chatting when I noticed her intently watching something through the open rear door of the garage, all the way out in the street.  I was hooked. I felt like Jane Goodall studying the chimpanzees. What was she so concerned with? It wasn’t long before she then proceeded to give commentary on a person walking their dog by the neighbors (mind you) mailbox. ;-) It wasn’t even her mailbox, yet she was vigilantly aware and very concerned with the goings on and ethics of this unknown dog owner. Every syllable she spoke, every movement of her eyebrows told how she felt about this person and their dogs, Positive or negative.

This brings me to another article I wrote "#1 Reason Walking Your Dog Regularly is Vitally Important" concerning why it is not only a good idea, but vital to get out of your house, walk your dogs around the neighborhood, and by all means clean up after them. You never know when you will need to call upon the good will of those very same neighbors to help out if your dogs get loose from your yard. You want them to like and care about you and your pups, not resent you both for leaving a mess on their lawn and about the community. I highly recommend you checking out that post here.

I have always been a big believer in #DoingMyCivicDoody when it comes to picking up after my dogs when out for a walk. That’s why I created The Fifth Paw. I believe most dog owners really want to do the right thing; it’s just that until now it was always a drag. I wanted to make it easier and more enjoyable for dog parents to do the right thing. The Fifth Paw lets you be Hands Free, Doody Free! on walks. No more juggling full bags of poop in your hands all the way home. No more laundering smelly pockets and pouches. The Fifth Paw can hold multiple bags of doody if you have more than one pup, and stays clean & tangle free. The Fifth Paw also frees up your hands to be more control of the leash at all times. Anyone who has ever had a rouge bunny cross your path appreciates the wisdom of having a secure grip on the leash ;-)

Being a good neighbor means we get smiles and hellos, instead of glares out the window, when we go for walks. With #NoDoodyLeftBehind, it means we can relax, knowing that we are not being watched & scrutinized.

Many Happy Walks!
The Fifth Paw Team

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