The Hands Free Dog-Poop Holder That Gives You
The Freedom To Love Walking Your Dog!

As an seasoned dog-walker with over 12 years experience, walking dogs from small to Great Dane, I don’t need to tell you what a great bonding experience going for a walk can be. However, holding onto a leash while carrying full bags of dog poop till you get home is not only a drag, it’s unsafe. Juggling bags of dog doody makes it hard to keep a firm grip on the leash at all times.  

What Dog Parents Like Yourself Are Saying About The Fifth Paw

We love The Fifth Paw and appreciate the simple design. No doodie is too big for The Fifth Paw. Handy holder for when you need to pack it out.
— Amy T & Roadie
I was browsing online and came across something called “The Fifth Paw.” After owning this product and using it every day for over a year now, I can say that it is something I will never again be without. I have found that this product helps me keep more of my attention on training—sometimes, I even forget the bag is there!
— Emma B. Teachers Pet Training Academy
Bentley the Basset Hound
The Fifth Paw really is a game-changer and our walks are so much nicer... carrying poop bags is definitely no longer cool.
— MK Clinton (LA)

I created The Fifth Paw hands-free dog poop holder to let you & your dogs experience safer, more enjoyable walks. Designed to make doing the right thing easy and stress-free. The Fifth Paw lets you be Hands Free…Doody Free, when taking your pups for a walk. Say goodbye to juggling full bags of poop all the way home. No more constantly laundering stinky pockets and pouches. The Fifth Paw is Great Dane tested (now that’s a lot of poop) & can easily hold 3-4 bags of doody. Whether you walking one dog or a pack, The Fifth Paw can handle it, while staying clean & tangle free. Watch what dog-walkers have to say about The Fifth Paw!  

As a responsible dog owner you’ll get lots of smiles and hellos, instead of glares, when you take your pups for a stroll. With Fifth Paw hands-free dog poop holder you’ll finally have the freedom to enjoy your walks a whole lot more, and if you’re enjoying it more, you can be sure your pups are too. So what are you waiting for? Get your's today!