The Fifth Paw Hands-Free Dog Poop Holder...
Now Walking Your Dog Can Be Fun For Everyone!

You love walking your dogs and connecting with them. But that dog poop thing can really mess up a good time. That’s why we invented The Fifth Paw hands-free dog poop holder, so you can enjoy the moment without managing the mess.

What Dog Parents Like Yourself Are Saying About The Fifth Paw

Dave_The Fifth Paw
I volunteer at a rescue shelter walking the pups and some of them need a little more “hand holding” than others. The Fifth Paw has been great! I can keep both hands on the leash or leashes and have more ability to control my furkids! I just sent one to my in-laws who need to handle 2 Great Danes! It’s also great for holding my keys when we run out for a quick walk and I don’t have any pockets. I think it’s fantastic!
— David C (FL)
I started using The Fifth Paw a while back and I have to say it’s quite the nifty tool when on a long walk with limited trash bins. While walking several dogs my hands are BUSY detangling leashes and keeping everybody moving forward, so this little guy helps. It attaches to the leash, holds multiple bags,and because of its spinning design – it never gets tangled.
— Amy (Gametime Dog Services)
Truman The Dane
We are Michael and Jill Spurgeon and this is our 11 year old Great Dane, Truman. The Fifth Paw has been a huge help on our walks! We love to take walks everyday but our walks these days are short. Truman has arthritis and struggles sometimes towards the end of our walks. It is great to have free hands to be able to assist him when he needs it and not have to juggle a baggie. There is no mess, it is sturdy and is so simple to use! I absolutely love it! Thank you for this piece of equipment that makes our walks much more enjoyable and hassle free!
— Jill, Michael & Truman

We feel your pain. You love the quality bonding time that leisurely walks with your dog can provide. So what gets in the way?  Dog-poop. Juggling bags of poop, doody, poo (whatever you want to call it) while trying to keep control of the leash is not just a drag, its unsafe. Stinking up your pockets and pouches with bags of poop is not the answer either. Who has got time for all that laundry?

Is there a better way?
Absolutely! We know you love doing the right thing, and we wanted to make it super easy for you. With the goal of safer, more enjoyable walks, we created the ingenious The Fifth Paw dog poop holder, to let you keep your hands clean and in control of the leash while out for walks. Designed to make doing the right thing easy and stress-free. The Fifth Paw lets you be Hands Free…Doody Free, when taking your pups for a walk.   The Fifth Paw dog poop holder is Great Dane tested (now that’s a lot of dog poop) & can easily hold 3-4 bags of doody. Whether you are walking one dog or a pack, The Fifth Paw can handle it, allowing you to stay clean & more in control of the leash. Simply tie a knot in your bag of dog poop and easily slide into The Fifth Paw's patented rotating ring. The poop bag stays tangle free thanks to gravity! No more juggling full bags of pet waste all the way home.

Safer walks you say?
No longer having to juggle bags of poop is awesome, but the greater leash control that The Fifth Paw dog poop holder provides is priceless. Whether around the block or through the park, we know that safety is always foremost in your mind. We’ve all been there. That rouge bunny, squirrel or nasty ol’ car your dog hates always seems to cross your path right when your swapping hands on the leash. Free from the burden of fumbling with bags of doody, The Fifth Paw lets you keep a more secure grip on the leash when chaos strikes. The Fifth Paw allows for a swifter transfer of leash from hand-to-hand, thus providing greater control, surer grip and peace of mind.

Find out for yourself why dog walkers around the world are loving The Fifth Paw, and would not dream of taking their dogs for a walk without it ever again. Made in the USA, and built strong to last. The Fifth Paw dog poop holder puts the fun back in your walks, and if you’re enjoying it more, you can be sure your pups are having a blast too.  So what are you waiting for? Rediscover the joy of walking your dog again!