The Freedom To Enjoy Walking Your Dog A Whole Lot More!

With the goal of making a more enjoyable and safer walk for you & your dogs, we created The Fifth Paw to let you keep your hands clean and in control while out for walkies. Designed to make doing the right thing easy and stress-free. The Fifth Paw lets you be Hands Free…Doody Free, when taking your pups for a walk.
The Fifth Paw is Great Dane tested (now that’s a lot of poop) & can easily hold 3-4 bags of doody. Whether you are walking one dog or a pack, The Fifth Paw can handle it, allowing you to stay clean & more in control of the leash. Simply tie a knot in your bag of dog poop and easily slide into The Fifth Paw's patented rotating ring. The poop bag stays tangle free thanks to gravity! No more juggling full bags of poop all the way home, and say good-bye to constantly laundering stinky pockets and pouches.

Find out for yourself why dog walkers around the world are loving The Fifth Paw, and would not dream of taking their dogs for a walk without it ever again. Made in the USA, and built strong to last. The Fifth Paw gives you the freedom to enjoy your walks a whole lot more, and if you’re enjoying it more, you can be sure your pups are having a blast too.  What are you waiting for? Rediscover the joy of walking your dog again.